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Wholesale Quartz Manufacturers in Vietnam


Lux, experts in quartz slabs and prefabricated quartz, provide surfaces for kitchen countertops, vanity tops, island tops, and more.

Made from 90% natural quartz, Lux slabs are fully customized and non-porous, offering superior resistance to scratches, stains, bacteria, and viruses.

Choose Lux for competitive pricing, excellent customer service, reliable shipping solutions, and doorstep delivery for your project needs.


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  • Calacatta Wavy Gold LQ-911

    Creating Lux Quartz's LQ-911, we drew inspiration from the cultural and historical wonders of My Son Sanctuary. The beautiful gold-gray veins on the white base pay tribute to ancient architecture that has lasted through the ages.
  • Calacatta Ovo LQ-807

    Lux Quartz's LQ-807 was inspired by the resilience of the Tower Pisa in Italy, bringing out the delicate balance. This stunning quartz features a base of pure white and light brown vein, creating a unique and stylish contrast.
  • Mirror White LC-311

    Lux Quartz's LC 311: A mesmerizing beauty that captivates all senses. The polished stone surface shines like a mirror, perfectly reflecting light and creating a magical, shimmering effect. LC 311 - Mirror is the perfect choice for those who love modern, luxurious, and elegant style.
  • Ultra White LQ-504

    As gentle as fluffy clouds floating in the deep blue sky, Lux Quartz's LQ-504 brings you a pristine and luxurious beauty. This design will be the perfect highlight for your modern space, helping you to affirm your sophisticated and classy taste.
  • Cotton White LQ-303

    Lux Quartz's LQ-303 breaks away from the strict conventions of traditional quartz stone. With its delicate miniature grain patterns on a pure white background, LQ-303 brings a peace haven in a world of contrast.
  • Calacatta Aqua Gold LQ-917

    Lux Quartz's LQ-917 is a harmonious blend of deep gold veins, both bold and delicate, which come together to create a balanced tableau against a backdrop of elegant white. It resembles a river flowing through rugged terrain of rocks, requiring a combination of strength, ferocity, and gentleness to reach its destination.


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    Lux quartz will level your living room up with high aesthetics, impressive colors, and patterns, bringing a luxurious and sophisticated ambiance.


    LUX quartz countertop creates an ideal kitchen space with its high aesthetics and durability, easy cleaning, and perfect waterproof and scratch-resistant capabilities.


    LUX quartz enhances your bathroom space with its waterproof, dirt-resistant, high durability, and elegant, impressive color range.


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