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Unveiling Artificial Stone: Types, Tips, and Trends in the Vietnamese Market

18/03/2024 230reader

​​Artificial stone/ Engineered quartz is a popular material in modern interior design, thanks to its numerous advantages. We are here to help you gain a detailed understanding of the most popular types of artificial stone, so you can make an informed decision that best suits your needs and design style. Once you’ve gained insight into the various available types, we’re here to help you select the stone type that aligns most closely with your needs and design preferences.

1. What is Artificial Stone?

Artificial stone, called cast stone or industrial stone, is crafted by blending a natural sand mixture with an organic or inorganic binder. This mixture is then molded, cured, and polished to create various products.

Artificial stone offers the main advantage of consistency, simplifying its handling. Furthermore, it boasts high durability and costs less than mid- and high-end natural materials. As a result, it is often used in construction and design for surfaces such as kitchen countertops, floors, stairs, and interior wall cladding.


2024 New Color Collection
2024 New Color Collection

2. Popular Artificial Stones in the Vietnamese Market Pros & Cons

In the Vietnamese market, various types of artificial stone are available, among which artificial quartz, also referred to as quartz stone or engineered quartz, stands out as one of the most popular options. This type of stone offers the same durability and aesthetic appeal as high-quality natural stone. Another commonly used type is artificial stone, which is popularly used in bathroom tiles and countertops.

Artificial stone is a highly versatile and popular material in the construction and design industry. This is our comprehensive overview of some common types of artificial stone, along with their benefits and drawbacks, will help you make an informed decision

2.1 Artificial marble (Bao Lai, CMC):


  • A highly aesthetic, glossy surface that resembles natural marble.
  • Artificial stone is more budget-friendly than natural marble, appealing to individuals seeking a luxurious living environment without breaking the bank.
  • Its versatility extends to various applications such as sink tables, wall panels, kitchen countertops, partitions, and more, ensuring a consistent aesthetic throughout the space.
  • With proper maintenance, it boasts resistance to mold and stains, reducing the time needed for cleaning.


  • Artificial stone is less durable than natural marble.
  • It is more susceptible to scratches and cracks than natural marble, especially when subjected to strong impacts.
  • Colors may fade over time, particularly with prolonged exposure to certain chemicals or sunlight.
  • Regular maintenance is required to maintain its shine
Artificial stone possesses high aesthetics
Artificial marble possesses high aesthetics

2.2 Solid Surface (HS STONE):


  • ​​Solid Surface stone surfaces offer impermeable qualities that inhibit the formation of germs and mold, promoting safety and hygiene, much like the benefits of artificial quartz stone.
  • They resist dirt buildup, ensuring easy cleaning and maintenance. With a wide range of colors, patterns, and sizes available, they offer versatile applications for various interior spaces.
  • Seamless installation hides joints, providing a smooth, continuous look.
  • Easily molded and shaped to fit different designs with high elasticity
  • Easy to repair.


  • Solid Surface stone is susceptible to scratching when exposed to sharp objects, a drawback compared to other types of artificial stone.
  • Containing acrylic components, it may deform when exposed to heat or high temperatures.
  • In terms of aesthetics, it may not match the appeal of natural stone or premium engineered quartz.
Solid Surface can be easily bent and shaped.
Solid Surface can be easily bent and shaped.

2.3 Engineered Quartz (Vicostone, Caesarstone, Lux Quartz):


  • Artificial quartz boasts high durability and hardness, effectively warding off scratches and cracks. As a result, it’s a popular choice for surfaces enduring constant pressure, such as stairs, kitchen countertops, and tabletops.
  • Waterproof and resistant to stains, artificial quartz prevents the growth of harmful bacteria and mold, ensuring user safety.
  • Artificial quartz is now a better option for all applications because of advancements in production techniques and technology. Its wide array of colors, designs, sizes, and intricate patterns closely mimic natural stone, delighting customers.
  • Unlike some natural stones, artificial quartz doesn’t require waterproofing, saving homeowners on maintenance costs.


  • Although high-end artificial quartz products may come with a substantial price, they generally remain more budget-friendly than high-end natural stone options.
  • Compared to natural stone, artificial quartz has somewhat limited heat resistance. 
  • As a result, it’s advisable to keep heated things away from its surface.
  • Another drawback of artificial quartz is its susceptibility to fading when exposed to prolonged sunlight. Hence, it’s suitable only for indoor areas like kitchen countertops, stairs, wall cladding, and lavabos.

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LUX QUARTZ VIETNAM - The top 3 High-end Engineered Quartz Brand in Vietnam
LUX QUARTZ VIETNAM – The top 3 High-end Engineered Quartz Brands in Vietnam

LUX is among the top 3 high-end artificial quartz brands, well-loved in the Vietnamese market. Crafted from over 90% natural quartz aggregate blended with safe additives and plastics, LUX artificial stone adheres to NSF standards, ensuring food safety and environmental friendliness.

LUX artificial quartz has several outstanding benefits, including superior impact and scratch resistance, long-lasting durability, expert maintenance services, and 12-year guarantees.

Both natural and artificial stones come with their own sets of pros and cons. Due to its appealing appearance, extended lifespan, and suitability for interior spaces, imitation stone is becoming increasingly popular among homeowners. Selecting the suitable stone type depends on your needs, construction site, and budget. We hope the information provided helps you to differentiate and choose the appropriate stone for your project.

LUX takes pride in supplying Premium Engineered Quartz, available in diverse designs, colors, and sizes to accommodate various needs and design preferences.

For further inquiries or to request samples of our Engineered Quartz, please reach out to our hotline or message our Lux Quartz Vietnam to get information. Lux Quartz Vietnam has a dedicated team of responsive sales and customer service — ready to deliver customer visions reliably and sustainably.

With a team of professional staff knowledgeable about products and services, LUX commits to:

  • We are providing high-quality Engineered Quartz stone products, meeting international standards.
  • Competitive pricing with attractive discounts.
  • Professional consulting, design, installation, and warranty services.

Let LUX be your companion on the journey to creating the ideal kitchen space with suitable stone products for your home!


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