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Embark On Your Gratitude Journey With The Newest Collection From Lux Quartz “Waves Of Life”

03/06/2024 48reader

Life is a mix of joy and sorrow, highs and lows, ease and challenges. Do we pause to reflect on these aspects? Do we surrender to the unknown possibilities that lie ahead? Or do we simply grumble and remain stagnant? In a world filled with diverse influences, envisioning life as the ebb and flow of waves allows us to navigate, progress, and leave the past behind. By continuing to move forward and adapt, like water flowing through the waves of life, we discover beauty and solutions amidst every challenge, whether swiftly or in due time.

Waves surround us, though we may not always notice them. We encounter them daily, weathering each season and emerging into the light. Just as waves symbolize the passage of time and the power of love, they have inspired the latest Lux Quartz collection: Waves of Life.

Waves Of Life


Waves of Life – Flow like water collection includes 8 items with full of colors of life, imitate to moving of our life day by day.

1. Waves of Love Featuring LQ – 923 Calacatta Amar and LQ – 925 Calacatta Verde

A celestial rendezvous where Sun and Moon intertwine with waves. From this enchanting spectacle LQ – 923 Calacatta Amar and LQ – 925 Calacatta Verde draw their inspiration. Each fleeting moment ignites emotions beyond words. Beneath sunset’s warm glow, waves pirouette in nature’s ballet, while dusk’s descent invites moonlight’s tender caress, ushering tranquility. These transitions between dawn and dusk birth two masterpieces, LQ923 and LQ925, capturing the essence of life’s ephemeral beauty. Explore Lux enchanting designs and embark on a journey of discovery.

Waves Of Life
Luxurious LQ – 923 Calacatta Amar slab with intricate veins inspired by the tranquil waves of sunset
Elegant LQ – 925 Calacatta Verde slab showcasing verdant hues and natural wave patterns.

2. Embrace the Seasons with Waves of Time Featuring LQ – 919 Calacatta Garcia and LQ – 924 Calacatta Fansia

As the seasons transition from the warmth of summer to the vibrant hues of autumn, we find ourselves entranced by the ever-changing beauty of nature.

In the embrace of summer’s bliss, where mountain waves dance under the sun’s golden gaze, LQ – 919 Calacatta Garcia emerges as a testament to the spirited joys of the season. Meanwhile, as fall paints the world with hues of amber and crimson, LQ – 924 Calacatta Fansia captures the tranquil serenity of a forest river, where trees don their autumnal attire in a breathtaking display of color.

Inspired by the fleeting moments of seasonal change, LQ919 and LQ924 invite us to cherish the essence of life’s transitions and discover the timeless beauty they hold within.

Radiant LQ – 919 Calacatta Garcia slab reflecting the spirited joys of summer with vibrant, golden veins.
Serene LQ – 924 Calacatta Fansia slab capturing the essence of autumn with amber and crimson tones.

3. Dive Deep with Under the Waves Featuring LQ – 921 Calacatta Poco and LQ – 922 Calacatta Oceano

Behold, the unveiling of our Waves of Life collection: LQ – 921 Calacatta Poco and LQ – 922 Calacatta Oceano, where the essence of life dances in vibrant hues.

Picture the depths of the ocean, where coral and seaweed weave their graceful ballet, swaying with the rhythm of the waves. These waves, the very pulse of existence, form a symphony of life’s vitality.

LQ921 and LQ922, each capturing the enigmatic beauty of the underwater world, invite us to immerse ourselves in the timeless allure of nature’s masterpiece.

Mesmerizing LQ – 921 Calacatta Poco slab with deep ocean-inspired hues and delicate patterns.
Stunning LQ – 922 Calacatta Oceano slab featuring a symphony of vibrant, underwater-inspired colors

4. Flow Like Water Featuring LQ – 916 Calacatta Aqua Blue and LQ – 917 Calacatta Aqua Gold

From the image of the rhythm waves in the river, embodied by LQ – 916 Calacatta Aqua Blue and LQ – 917 Calacatta Aqua Gold, emerges the romantic saga of life’s journey. The light veins on these slabs depict the ever-changing rhythm of river waves, sometimes serene, sometimes turbulent, yet always flowing forward with unwavering grace.

Graceful LQ – 917 Calacatta Aqua Gold slab depicting the romantic saga of life’s journey with golden wave patterns
Charming LQ – 916 Calacatta Aqua Blue slab with light veins mimicking the serene waves of a flowing river

Life’s rhythm, akin to the flow of a river or the sea, continues to guide us through the ebbs and flows of experience and change, where, as we flow with the waves of life like water, we find our growth.

Explore the “Waves of Life” collection by Lux Quartz Vietnam and transform your space into a refreshing, vibrant sanctuary that aligns with the beauty of the natural world.

LUX proudly stands as a top quartz slab manufacturer in Vietnam, specializing in high-quality quartz artificial stone. For details or to view samples, contact us via WhatsApp at +84914417702, email: or through our “Lux Quartz Vietnam” Page.

Committed to excellence, LUX offers:

  • High-quality quartz products that meet international standards.
  • Competitive pricing and discounts as a trusted quartz countertops supplier.
  • Expert consulting and warranty services from our quartz surface factory.

Partner with LUX for exceptional quartz surface solutions and create the perfect exquisite spaces with products from a leading quartz manufacturer in Vietnam.

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