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Introducing LUX’s Maintenance Policy for Da Nang Customers

01/04/2024 227reader

We expresses our deepest gratitude to our loyal customers who have consistently trusted and used our high quality artificial quartz products.

In order to show appreciation and improve the service experience for customers, LUX has recently implemented a free artificial quartz surface care and maintenance program for loyal customers in Central Vietnam. More than an affirmation of outstanding quality, LUX’s maintenance policies also demonstrate our respect and desire for a strong bond with customers.

With superior maintenance policies, LUX is committed to bringing customers:

  • Absolute trust in our product and service quality: Each LUX product is thoroughly tested before being shipped and comes with a long-term warranty, ensuring the most perfect customer experience.
  • Peace of mind: LUX is always ready to support customers in solving any problems that arise during product use in the fastest and most effective way.
  • Strong bond: LUX always listens to customer feedback and constantly improves product and service quality to bring customers the highest satisfaction.
LUX implements stone surface maintenance policy for loyal customers in Da Nang

Our comprehensive maintenance and care policy for quartz products has been met with overwhelming positivity from our customers, marking a significant stride in enhancing their overall service experience. This policy, crafted with meticulous attention to detail, not only provides essential information but also empowers our customers to maintain the beauty and longevity of their quartz surfaces. This policy has received many enthusiastic responses from customers, contributing to gratitude and improving the service experience for customers.

Lux received positive feedback from customers after the maintenance program
Lux received positive feedback from customers after the maintenance program

Many loyal customers in Da Nang have had LUX’s team of professional technicians come to their construction sites to inspect, clean and maintain artificial stone surfaces for free. By providing customers with the knowledge to properly care for their products, we’ve fostered a sense of empowerment and independence, leading to increased satisfaction and a deeper appreciation for the quality of our quartz.

The stairs use artificial quartz products of the LUX brand
Our technicians cleans and maintains artificial quartz stone kitchen countertops for customers
Customers use LUX artificial quartz stone for the Lavabo in their bathroom
The luxurious beauty of LUX artificial quartz stone staircase

Let’s take a look to other images of actual projects using high-quality artificial quartz products of the LUX brand:

mặt bếp đá thạch anh lux
LUX high-quality artificial quartz kitchen surface has outstanding durability and is easy to clean
mặt bếp đá thạch anh  Lux
LUX high-quality artificial quartz stone kitchen countertop
LUX dining tables, crafted from high-quality artificial quartz, are NSF-certified safe for your family. 
LUX dining tables, crafted from high-quality artificial quartz, are NSF-certified safe for your family. 
Trendy kitchen room with LUX high-quality artificial quartz stone countertops

LUX takes pride in being a manufacturer and supplier of high-quality quartz artificial stone, offering a diverse range of designs, colours, and sizes to meet various needs and design preferences.

If you require further information or wish to view samples of quartz-based artificial stone, or if you are interested in becoming a distribution agent, please don’t hesitate to contact our WhatsApp at +84914417702 or send a message to our Fanpage “Lux Quartz Vietnam“. Our dedicated staff will provide you with expert advice and send you detailed quotations.

With a team of professionals who are well-versed in our products and services, LUX is committed to:

  • Offering high-quality quartz-based artificial stone products that meet international standards.
  • Providing competitive prices and attractive discounts.
  • Delivering professional consulting, design, construction, and warranty services.

Let LUX be your partner in creating the perfect living space with satisfactory stone products for your home!


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