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Solid Surface and Its Uses in Home Design

25/06/2024 46reader

Solid surface is becoming increasingly popular in market due to its elegant and modern beauty, along with its many exceptional qualities. It is widely used in various interior cladding applications such as kitchen countertops, sinks, and lavatories. Today, let’s dive deeper into Solid Surfaces with LUX to understand why this type of stone is so beloved!

1. What is Solid surface?

Solid surface is a popular type of engineered stone, first introduced by Dupont in 1967. It’s highly valued for its impressive features, such as high durability, water resistance, and safety for users. One of its unique qualities is that it can be easily cut and shaped into different forms at temperatures above 150°C, allowing for the creation of innovative and unique designs.

đá solid surface uốn cong
Solid surface is highly valued for its many excellent qualities.

2. What is Solid surface made of?

Solid surface is primarily made of natural minerals (over 60%) and resin or polymer binders (over 30%). It also includes colorants, UV absorbers, stabilizers, catalysts, and other additives.

During production, the amounts of colorants can be adjusted to create a wide variety of colors and patterns, catering to different consumer preferences.

3. Pros and Cons of Solid surface

Solid surface is currently one of the most popular types of artificial stone in use. Let’s delve into its strengths and weaknesses below!

3.1 Benefits of Solid surface

  • Strength and scratch resistance: Solid surface is primarily composed of natural stone powder combined with advanced polymer technology, ensuring durability and long-term resistance to wear. This provides peace of mind throughout its use.
  • Environmentally friendly materials: Solid surface is inert and, when burned, only emits CO2, making it completely non-toxic to the environment. Its dense manufacturing structure minimizes voids, offering excellent waterproofing and preventing the intrusion of bacteria and fungi, which promotes user health.
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance: Cleaning and maintaining artificial stone is straightforward. Regular cleaning helps maintain its shine. For everyday stains, a quick wipe with a cloth or mild detergent is sufficient due to its smooth, polished surface that repels dust and bacteria effectively.
  • High aesthetic appeal: Solid surface can be seamlessly installed without visible joints, creating a cohesive look in spaces. Its high flexibility allows for easy shaping and customization, accommodating various design styles and spatial requirements.

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Đá marble nhân tạo
Surfaces’ surface is polished smooth, facilitating easy cleaning of dirt stains.

3.2 Drawback of Solid Surface

  • Heat sensitivity: While this type of stone can bend at 150°C, prolonged exposure to higher temperatures may cause it to melt or deform. It’s important to avoid placing hot objects directly on it to prevent potential hazards.
  • Prone to scratching: Compared to other types of artificial stone, Solid Surface is more susceptible to scratches from sharp objects.
  • Staining and yellowing: Light-colored shades like white, cream, and beige can develop unsightly stains and yellow discoloration over time, affecting their appearance. Regular cleaning with a suitable solution helps maintain the product’s glossy finish.

In today’s market for stone materials, there are several types of Solid surface stones available, including:

4. Classification of Solid Surface

In today’s stone materials market, Solid surface are categorized as follows:

4.1 Origin-Based classification

  • LG Solid Surfaces (South Korea): Widely used in kitchens, sinks, living rooms, and bathrooms, LG Solid Surfaces are composed of 60% natural mineral compounds, 30% MMA (Methyl Methacrylate), and other additives.
  • Dupont Solid Surfaces (USA): Positioned in a higher price range compared to Korean varieties, Dupont’s Solid surfaces are renowned for their unique colors and patterns.

4.2 Color palette classification

  • White Solid Surfaces: Among the most popular choices, white Solid surfaces are crafted using white powder to achieve distinctive color tones. They boast a neutral color with a flawless gloss, making them versatile for harmonizing with various color schemes and creating a sleek, contemporary look. In addition to interior applications, white Solid surfaces are also utilized for cladding kitchen and living room walls.
  • Cloud Vein Solid Surfaces: These natural white stones feature unique cloud-like patterns, adding a luxurious and distinctive charm to living spaces.

5. Several ways Solid surface are used in home design

5.1 Practical uses in kitchen design

Solid surfaces are commonly used for kitchen countertops, islands, and dining tables, enhancing the living space with a clean and spacious feel. With diverse colors and patterns, they cater to both traditional and contemporary, from subtle to luxurious aesthetics.

Đá nhân tạo solid surfaces trong phòng bếp
Using Solid surfaces in kitchen design

5.2 Using Solid surfaces in living room design

The living room area always gets a lot of attention, so the choice of stone for coffee tables and wall cladding is also quite important. Using Solid surface creates an elegant and sophisticated space that remains durable over time. Additionally, light color tones make the space feel brighter and more airy.

 Đá nhân tạo solid surfaces trong phòng khách
Using Solid surfaces in living room design.

5.3 Using Solid surfaces in bathroom design

If you’re considering a stone for your sink, Solid surface are a must-consider option. They not only meet durability and waterproofing standards but also enhance the cleanliness and modernity of your bathroom space.

The application of solid surface in bathroom design
The application of solid surface in bathroom design

Real-life images showcasing the application of Solid Surfaces in interior design.

quay-da-nhan-tao-solid-surface đá nhân tạo solid surfaces
countertops-solid surface đá-nhân-tạo-solid-surface

Besides solid surface, engineered quartz is also drawing significant interest due to its remarkable features and adaptability in various home designs. Engineered quartz is notable for its high durability, excellent scratch resistance, and naturally beautiful colors, surpassing typical solid surface. Its aesthetic appeal makes it an ideal choice for kitchen countertops, bar counters, washbasins, and other surfaces in homes.

Đá nhân tạo gốc thạch anh trong ứng dụng làm lavabo nhà tắm

Engineered quartz is the perfect choice for kitchen countertops, bar counters, and washbasins because it’s highly durable, scratch-resistant, and boasts naturally beautiful colors.

Here are some real project images featuring LUX engineered quartz:

Bếp đá thạch anh nhân tạo Lux Bếp đá thạch anh nhân tạo Lux
Bếp đá thạch anh nhân tạo Lux Bếp đá thạch anh nhân tạo Lux

LUX specializes in crafting high-quality engineered quartz products to meet all your needs. Our wide selection of designs and colors not only ensures aesthetic appeal but also durability and easy upkeep.

We hope this article gives you insight into engineered quartz surfaces and their versatile applications in home design. For more details or to explore our range of original engineered quartz, please reach out to our hotline or message our Facebook pages “Lux Quartz Vietnam“. The LUX team is here to assist promptly and provide accurate pricing information!


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